Letter: Mr. Harper Continues to Misinform Canadians

I know that I was not alone in my horror in seeing the washed up body of a three year old child on the Turkish Shores that occurred last week. There is just one thing that is more horrid than this photo; and that is the response of Prime Minister Harper to the people of Canada – and the world. In the interviews that I heard, Stephen Harper stated that Canada is doing more than any of the G Eight countries to relieve the situation in relation to the Syrian refugees. All Canadians know that this is a misrepresentation of reality!

Four years ago the Canadian government announced that it would bring in a minimum of 10,000 Syrian refugees over the next ten years. We know that England, Germany, France and several Nordic countries are prepared to allow thousands more refugees into their countries. Not only did they announce this policy these countries are ACTUALLY doing it.

To date Canada has accepted about 1300 Syrian refugees into Canada in the past 4 years. There are currently nine refugees that have been approved for immigration into Canada! Clearly our prime minister is misleading the people of Canada and the World. Harper continues to explain that the people of Canada are expecting their government to continue to bomb selected targets in Syria in an effort to destroy the ISIS rebels. He states this as though, through some mysterious method the Canadian pilots are able to eliminate the error of bombing civilians – we know as well that this is not possible. In fact in the last year over 450 civilians have died as a result of the bombing and the ISIS rebels are expanding their control of Syria. As a long time school administrator I must stand back in awe of Mr. Harper’s ability to state untruths as facts without any indication of intent or misdirection. My friends we must take this reality for what it is worth. Are we prepared to have our nation painted with the intended deception of our current Prime Minister or are we prepared to say NO! by voting for anyone other than the Conservatives.

Tom Turner
Legal, Alberta

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  1. So Tom… What are your thoughts on what ISIS is doing and have done to the tens of thousands of people that are being raped, beheaded, burnt alive, starved, stoned and shot including children ??

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