Letter: Lack of formal partnerships leaves citizens group disappointed with Council decision


The Sturgeon Recreation Facility Citizen Group is disappointed that the Council and Administration of Morinville has chosen to make a major decision without formalizing partnerships within the region.

In hiring the architect to put their vision to paper, the Council and Administration must now make every effort to bring partners to the table and assess the needs of the region immediately. To throw every item on the wish list at the wall and see what sticks when the money is counted seems like an expensive use of the architectural firms time and taxpayer’s money.

It makes no sense to hire an architect to build your dream home and then go to your partner to show them what “your” dream house looks [like], then ask how much money they can kick in along with the bank.

We understand the desire to have more information regarding the cost of specific features for partners to consider but if you move ahead and cut the potential partners out at the beginning of the process it does little to build trust in one another. The partnerships should have come first, the architectural components after. If you agree to partnerships you inquire, communicate, consider and compromise to find a solution that works for all involved within the budget you have.

Moving forward we need to have a clear understanding of the Town’s goals and timelines involved in bringing others aboard and confirming commitments. The County of Sturgeon, Council and residents, must also actively seek this partnership or continue to have our growth and property values fall below those of similar communities.

Citizens must be prepared to stay informed and stand up if plans are not moving forward in the manner we are expecting from our elected officials and their Administration. It’s not wise to sit back and let Leaders lead without clear direction, and hold them accountable after the fact. We need to hold them accountable throughout the entire process so we are left with a success story and not a debacle.

Alanna Hnatiw
on behalf of the Sturgeon Recreational Facility Citizen Group

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