Photo Enforcement Education Night draws few to learn

David Schaefer, Morinville’s Director of Community and Protective Services, demonstrates a photo laser point-and-shoot at a 200-metre range.

by Lucie Roy

The Town of Morinville held a Photo Enforcement Education night Sept. 16 in the cultural centre parking lot, something the current photo enforcement operator is required to do twice a year under the Town’s contract. About 15 residents attended the event.

Photo laser, standard laser, and radar technology, as well as the vans that house them were on display. ITS owner Bruce Kaminski, Morinville’s Photo Enforcement contractor, spoke about the different technologies, particularly the difference between laser and radar.

Also explained were Morinville Peace Officer equipment and techniques.

The event included information on how speed impacts the community and a chart on stopping distances at various speeds. Information included the pedestrian survival rate at various collision speeds. The presentation indicated a 90 per cent survival rate at 30 kilometres and hour. That rate drops to 45 per cent at 55 km/h, and only 10 per cent at 60 km/h according to the info presented.


Above: ITS owner Bruce Kaminski speaks with Morinville residents Rick Price and Linda Lyons.

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