Morinville family dedication held at Namao Church

Tom Newell his wife Nada and Ellen Newell beside the stained glass window. – Lucie Roy Photos

by Lucie Roy

A new stained glass window was placed at the Namao United Church in memory of Lou Newell by his wife Ellen and children Tom Newell, Sherry Rogers and Kathy Greenen. The dedication ceremony took place at the church Sept. 20 with family and friends in attendance.

stained2Born in Edmonton and raised in Smith, Newell enlisted in the Army Dec. 13, 1942 for wartime service. After the war, he returned to railroading with the Northern Alberta Railroad and Canadian Pacific Railroad. In 1953 he joined the Air Force and served as an Air Force police officer until retiring from the Air Force in 1972.

The dedication ceremony coincided with Battle of Britain Sunday, this year being the 75th anniversary of the conflict. In his live, Newell always made a point to have an observance and prayer to remember the Canadian airmen.

After retiring from the air force. Newell spent 20 years in Penticton as a Provost Officer for the RCMP before retiring in 1992 and moving to Morinville. At age 70 he attended St. Stephens College, completing his studies to become a certified lay preacher to fulfill a lifetime desire to serve the Lord.

Newell was an active volunteer. Lions International awarded him the Melvin Jones Fellow in recognition of his humanitarian service. In his more than 35 years with the Lions, he held every office including District Governor.

He was also a long-time active member of the Morinville Royal Canadian Legion as the Padre, and also spent a great deal of his time ministering to some local churches.

In her presentation Minister Phyllis Greenslade, DLM said, “Wherever he stepped we find a journey of love. He and Ellen were a tremendous showing of great marriage for 69 years. Respect, love devotion, kindness was their regular practice. They shared in many wonderful ways.”

Greenslade said Newell’s dedication to service was his calling and present in everything he took part in.

“I remember just how proud and yet humble Lou was when he received the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal,” Greenslade said. “This was publicly acknowledging his contributions to Canada. We all felt no one deserved it more.”

Greenslade went on to say the placement of the window will ensure Newell is forever remembered as a faithful, hardworking and loving gentleman. “His legacy will continue on in his children and wife but also those he touched throughout his lifetime,” she said.

The ceremony included the donation of a new Audio Frequency Induction Loop System (AFILS) that offers assistance for those with hearing impairments, allowing them to switch directly into the system through any standard hearing aid.


Dedication of the Sound System and Stained Glass Window, Board Chair Larry Paul, Ellen Newell, her son Tom Newell and wife Nada, and Minister Phyllis Greenslade, DLM.

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