Letter: Morality and ethics in politics

Morality, Ethics and Politics are interrelated. Scandals and unethical behaviors are the major reasons parties in power are thrown out of office regardless of their track record. Abortion and the Carbon Tax are some basic issues that the four major parties are dodging and by so doing are showing a lack of moral integrity.

If a party would propagate the killing of children up to three months of age, after birth, we would be up in arms. Do the NDP, Liberals and Green Party really believe that a woman who is due in two weeks is not carrying a human being? As to the Conservatives; if they do believe it is a human being and make no attempt to legislate restrictions, it says what of their level of conviction? A conclusion can be made that whether the unborn child is a human or not, is irrelevant. The position of all the other political parties is that abortion access needs to be either maintained or increased, regardless of the reason or stage of development. Consequently, women, in our societal and political acceptance of the unborn as not being human, end up making choices without being told of the physical, emotional and relational impact, abortion may have on their lives.

This sidetracking of basic issues is also present on the global warming discussion. We are all concerned with the environment and global warming and rightfully so. When the major parties speak of the Carbon Tax or Cap and Trade as the means to reduce global warming and C02 emissions are they being transparent?

Seventy per cent of C02 emissions are caused by fuel. Taxing fuel is the simplest way to collect taxes. Therefore, we can expect to pay more for our fuel. Are the political parties telling us how much the Carbon Tax will be per litre next year? Are we ready to pay an extra 45 to 50 cents more per litre by the year 2020? What will the government do with this extra money? Are the proponents of the tax giving us, the voters, a clear explanation on how the increased revenue will be spent? Maybe the governing political party will become less concerned with their spending because the Carbon Tax or Cap and Trade tax will be there to bail them out? Will the voters readily accept this new, pre GST, tax without questioning in the name of the environment? What impact will it have on our lower and middle-class people? Great questions to ask at the upcoming forums in your area.

Different countries respond to the above questions differently. They are basic questions regarding taxes , yet other issues like the debt, that hasn’t been properly [addressed] in the last 10 years, have to be addressed.

Political expediency has superseded ethics, concerning the unborn, but it can also be found when we look at the ways the political parties are seeking to introducing new taxes or have been running the government.

See you at the Candidate forums.

Ernest Chauvet, CHP candidate Sturgeon River-Parkland

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