LETTER: Morinville Youth Justice Committee closes

Well, after 15 years of participating on, and final running The Morinville Youth Justice Committee (MYJC), it’s proverbial door finally closed on Oct 5, 2015, by this writer Mr. Mike Cue. The MYJC started up, with much fanfare, in the Morinville Town Council, in September of 2000, with approximately 14 volunteers (and this writer) in attendance. Now after 15 years, with the constant loss of volunteers and the lack of new Morinville volunteers stepping forward to replace our losses, we can no longer continue (as we were down to our last 3 volunteers), and two of these volunteers just quit on Oct. 4, 2015 (due to physical infirmity, and no else in Morinville stepping forward to replace our losses).

The MYJC was (and is) designed as Alternative Sentencing for Young Offenders (YOs), to basically give them a second chance (as how many of us as youth, made ‘mistakes’ as we learned to become adults). Basically, after hearing the case the MYJC would decide upon an appropriate sanction (from 1 to 3), and the YO would have three months to complete said sanctions. When successful the YO would be given a new slate on life and not have a criminal record.

Unfortunately, after seeing about 130 YOs over 15+ years, the MYJC’s final success rate was approximately 77 per cent (about 97 successful cases). These successful YOs went on to lead productive lives, contributing to our great Canadian society while doing so. So in melancholy thought it is my sadness to say that Morinville has lost a vital Committee, that directly and positively affected the youth of our community. For future Youth Justice Services, Morinville Youth will probably have to deal with St. Albert Probations.

In summation, Morinville, thank you for allowing me (and others) to be on this Committee, and I just wish it did not have to close its respective doors due to a lack of new volunteer participation.

Mr. Mike Cue

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