Letter: Morinville needs a Youth Council

Dear Editor:

I read with interest the editorial about the proposed Youth Council Bylaw. I think that if youth had more of a voice they would feel more welcome, accepted and valued by their Mayor and Council. If youth thought that their local government cared about their problems and concerns, they would be more inclined to take pride in their community.

Goodwill creates reciprocal goodwill. Youth that are involved and feel valued by their community are less inclined to participate in petty crime such as vandalism.

I agree with the writer that several comments by Mayor and Councillors were stupefyingly absurd. It makes me wonder if they are afraid to give youth a voice, and if so, why?

Remember, youth will grow up to be our future leaders, let’s give them the opportunity to learn and grow towards effective leadership.

Respectfully yours,

Cheryl Stewart

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  1. You hit a key note here, Cheryl, “the youth that are involved.” I would argue that the responsbile and civic-minded youth most likely to become involved in a youth council are probably least likely to be the ones involved in petty vandalism. There is nothing stopping youth from organising their own council and bringing issues to town council meetings other than the apathy that seems to represent organising anything for youth in our town.

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