Letter: Political sign vandalism dumb and thoughtless exercise


As I write this letter I know this federal election will soon be over and either Mr. Harper or Mr. Trudeau will be our prime minister. But there will be a remnant of Mr. Mulcair’s campaign left behind as he takes third party status, and that is the dumb and thoughtless vandalized signs you see all over the place in Morinville and the county. His whole election campaign has been about stopping Mr. Harper, and whenever you see him on TV he’s standing in front of a whole bunch of orange stop signs with that written on it. Now we have a whole bunch of stop signs with his little slogan written on it.

Perhaps the NDP can use some of their left over election money to pay to clean up these signs instead of my taxes.

JM – Morinville

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  1. It’s a pretty big leap to assume that only someone affiliated with the NDP would have done this. Unfounded accusations are never a good thing. (FYI I didn’t vote NDP)

  2. I was thinking the same thing Leah; my guess is it was someone completely ignorant. It was, quite likely, someone that isn’t even old enough to vote and just mocking an ad campaign.

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