Council passes Intermunicipal Committee Bylaw with County

by Tristan Turner

At their Oct. 27 regular meeting, Council unanimously passed all three readings of an Intermunicipal Affairs Committee Bylaw, which aims to encourage greater cooperation between the Town and Sturgeon County.

Council’s decision followed an accompanying Bylaw being passed by County Council that morning. To show support for the bilateral initiative, County Councilor Jerry Kaup and a member of County staff attended the Morinville Council meeting.

At Tuesday’s meeting, Deputy Mayor Barry Turner said he felt the Bylaw would be a positive step towards stronger relationships, and make communication easier. “I think that in the past a formal method of communicating in the County was what was really [hurting our relationship],” he said.

Councilor Brennan Fitzgerald felt the initiative was a positive one, and reflects the positive relationship he believes the two governments now have, despite a “rocky relationship [in the past]”.

The bylaw passed unanimously, excluding Mayor Lisa Holmes and Councilor Rob Ladouceur, who were absent at the meeting.

“There are so many more opportunities for our Councils when we plan for the future together,” said Mayor Lisa Holmes in a news release issued Wednesday. “I am pleased to see our partnership growing stronger and more productive.”

Holmes’ County counterpart, Sturgeon County Mayor Tom Flynn had a similar message. “We have already made good progress collaborating with our partners at the Town of Morinville and this further solidifies our commitment to the shared future success of both our municipalities,” he said.

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