MCHS Awards Night includes 274 awards

Above: MCHS Principal Todd Eistetter presenting Jyllenna Wilke with the Schulich Leader Scholarship nomination. The plaque will be displayed at the school in her honour.

by Lucie Roy

The Morinville Community High School (MCHS) Awards Presentation for the 2014-2015 School Year took place Tuesday night at the Morinville Community Cultural Centre.

Principal Todd Eistetter expressed the school’s gratitude to all of the award sponsors for their generous support of student service and success at MCHS.

“This year we have presented 274 awards for a total of $61,000,” Eistetter said. “I would like to thank all the presenters, school staff, parents and family and students for coming out this evening to help make this night of celebration a success.”

The Alberta Heritage Scholarship Fund Alexander Rutherford Scholarship was presented to 19 students who will receive a total of $38,200.

Awards were presented in the categories of Career & Technology, Fine Arts, Cultural & Religion, Canadian Mathematics Competition Awards, The Turner Goldsmith ‘Kaizen” Award for Excellence in Writing, Leadership, Service Awards, Grade 12 Business Community Awards and Scholarships, Grade 9, 10, 11 and 12 Academic, Achievement and Honours Awards, and the Outstanding Student Awards.

Jyllenna Wilke was the top award recipient for the night. She received the Physics 30 and Social Studies 30-1 Awards, the Governor General’s Academic Medal (presented to her by Greater St Albert Schools Chair Noreen Radford), the Frank Nigro Memorial Scholarship, Morinville Lions Bursary, Jonathan James Senger Memorial Scholarship, and Grade 12 Honours.

Wilke was also nominated for the Schulich Leader Scholarship. Only one student can be selected to represent the school for a chance at the $60,000 scholarship. An adjudication committee at the 20 pre-selected universities will select the final recipients. It is considered high honour simply to be nominated for the scholarship.

stephen van

Above: The Graham Crush Memorial Award for Senior Level was presented to Kyle Ozipko and for the Junior Level Steven Vansevenandt.

Steven Vansevenandt received the Junior Level Graham Crush Memorial Award, third place in the Canadian Mathematics Pascal Grade 9 Competition, the Dr. Darren Romanowski Grade 9 Academic Award for Social Studies and Language Arts, the Xerox Agency Scholarship, Grade 9 Honours and the Grade 9 Knights of Columbus Top Honours Award.

The MCHS Above and Beyond Award was presented by CWL member Sandee Blackburn to Anthony Nault.

The MCHS HOWLS Award recipient, Katie Krupa, was unable to attend.


The Canadian Mathematics Fermat Grade 11 Competition Third place award recipient was Matthew Durocher. Durocher also received the Grade 11 Renaissance Award and Grade 11 Honours.

roger c award

The Roger Champagne Memorial Bike Award was presented to Suzanne and Ben Van Brabant.


The Grade 12 Business Community Awards & Scholarships Social Studies 30-1 Award was presented to Jyllenna Wilke and Ben Lawrence. Lawrence also received the Biology 30 Award, the Intermediate Science Achievement Award, Grade 11 Honours and Knights of Columbus Top Honours Grade 11 Award.

mitch fraser

Rotary member Kathy Sandmaier presented the Rotary Award of Merit to Mitchell Fraser. also received the MCHS Student Council Service Award and the Acting Award of Excellence Award.


Emma Wiwchar received the Grade 10 Renaissance Award, the Personal Growth in Humanities Award for English 10-1 the Phil Whiting Memorial Award for Math 10 and Grade 10 Honours.

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