Minister of Municipal Affairs praises CRB and its accomplishments

submitted by the Capital Region Board

Minister of Municipal Affairs Danielle Larivee yesterday confirmed the Government of Alberta’s commitment to supporting regional partnerships in her first address to the Capital Region Board (CRB).

Noting that not all CRB discussions have been easy nor all decisions unanimous, the Minister said, “but all of you have moved the region forward in a coordinated and effective approach that will benefit you and all Albertans”.

In preparing to update the Municipal Government Act to include mandatory growth management boards in the Edmonton Metropolitan and Calgary Regions, Minister Larivee said her Ministry is exploring how to raise the bar on regional partnerships with the understanding that the CRB “is well established and has worked very well”.

“Economic diversification is a priority for our government and we are looking for a broadened CRB mandate to include economic development.”

As requested by the Minister, the Board has begun Mandate Review discussions to provide its feedback and further recommendations for a renewed CRB mandate by March 31, 2016.

The CRB represents the 24 municipalities of Edmonton Metropolitan Region, leading regional action toward global opportunity with a focus on growth, transportation, housing and regional services.

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