Reader Comments

Here is a recap of last week’s news and what some of you had to say about it.

Council passed first reading of the 2016 Operational Budget Nov. 10. The budget at first reading has a one million dollar deficit and a 3 per cent tax increase. Here were some reader comments.

Joe Gosselin wrote: It looks to me like the budget is working towards a goal of a certain percent increase, instead of listening to the public for want they want (and if deemed worthy/necessary) and increasing taxes to cover it. There has to be the will to increase the taxes by four or five per cent IF that is what will be required.

This allows the percent goal, to guide the budget process instead of the needs of the town.
We should not be running deficits.

A twenty five percent increase over last year’s budget in expenditures, as MR. O’Dea pointed out, REALLY!
(Full disclosure, I did put forward a suggestion that cracks in the roads/trails be filled EVERY year town wide.)

– Joe Gosselin

Derek Anheliger wrote: This is BS. Throwing a million dollar deficit out there and expecting us to cover the costs (using it as an excuse to increase taxes)? No thanks. Find ways to make cuts and reduce tax increases to inflation or lower. Costs of snow removal is out of hand by the way.

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Rec Centre Partnerships

The Town was hopeful of the partnership with Sturgeon County last week after the latter announced they had bought 50 acres of land immediately to the east of the 77 acres the Town bought for the rec project.

Nathalie Labbe wrote: It would be nice if they would built a hotel with a nice size pool.
It would solve a lot of the issues that some people have.

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