ASBA will continue support for members on LGBTQ+ policy development

by Morinville News Staff

The Alberta School Boards Association (ASBA) was clarifying its stance of supporting and continuing to support its members in developing policy, guidelines and processes supporting students,teachers, families and others related to sexual orientation and gender identity after a failed debate Monday.

A procedural debate to place a motion on the order paper at the ASBA Fall General Meeting was not successful. However, a directive from the floor immediately after the debate was introduced to specifically address LGBTQ+ issues. ASBA says a directive for action is a formal process that asks the board to take action.

“Today’s directive for action reaffirms and enhances ASBA’s policy statement that all students should be provided with welcoming, caring, respectful, safe and healthy learning environments,” said Helen Clease, President of ASBA in a release issued Monday afternoon. “ASBA’s current policy is over-arching and does not expressly name any specific group of vulnerable students. The directive for action makes specific reference to issues related to sexual orientation and gender identity.

“Our mandate is to support school boards in the development of their own policy. This directive highlights the importance of that work following a request from the Minister of Education that all school boards provide him with details on their policies, regulations and guidelines supporting LGBTQ+ students.”

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