Letter: Youth exhibit some exceptional behaviour

To the editor:

I had the opportunity of attending the Remembrance Day Ceremony at the Cultural Centre in Morinville (Nov. 10). Morinville Community High School students and teachers organized this memorable event.

Sometimes we are quick to make comments about the lack of respect and negative actions in general by the young people (students) of today. This was certainly not what I witnessed. The students filed in quietly, no talking, no shuffling of chairs and no slouching. They were dressed appropriately, and all had the poppy correctly pinned on the left side.
Everyone listened attentively to the prayers, readings and tributes to the veterans. The whole school was in attendance and the auditorium was full. The one-hour ceremony was truly a dedication to all veterans. Following the last call, the students respectfully left the Cultural Centre and returned to MCHS.

I think we should be complimenting our young people more about their positive behaviour. They certainly knew why they were there and how important it is to remember those who gave and are still giving so much for all our freedoms we experience daily.

Well done, MCHS. God Bless.

An Observer
Name withheld at the request of the letter writer.

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