Wildrose looking for recall legislation

by Morinville News Staff

Keeping MLAs accountable to constituents and giving voters back their power is what Alberta’s Wildrose are calling the guiding principle behind Chestermere-Rocky View Wildrose MLA Leela Aheer’s Bill 206.

Under the Recall Act, which was set for debate Monday, voters would be able recall their MLAs and force a byelection. That recall would require a signed petition from 20 per cent of a riding’s voters within 60 days, along with a $5,000 application fee, the latter to prevent frivolous attempts at a recall.

“Albertans are tired of seeing their MLAs pretend they can act with immunity between elections – whether it’s failing to consult constituents about major decisions, or toeing the government line on bad policy,” Aheer said in a release Monday morning. “With the Recall Act, voters will be empowered knowing there is a reasonable check-and-balance against politicians who put their own self-interest above the interests of the people they represent.”

The Wildrose say the legislation would eliminate well-financed groups or individuals unduly influencing recall initiatives by Recall Act would making it illegal for canvassers to be paid. Additionally, all canvassers would be required to be Alberta residents for at least six months.

“Albertans want their politicians to be accountable to them not just during elections, but also in-between elections when MLAs might make decisions that break trust, hurt people’s livelihoods or make life for Albertans more expensive,” said Wildrose Shadow Democracy & Accountability Minister Jason Nixon in the same release. “Bill 206 gives a high enough threshold to ensure stability is maintained in our political system, while placing power back into the hands of all Albertans.”

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