Local Moms working the Christmas magic once again this year


by Stephen Dafoe

What began as a way for a couple local mothers to connect over coffee and the Internet has expanded to a network of 1400 Morinville and area moms who are uniting once again for a noble purpose — making sure no family is left behind this Christmas season. The marvelous idea reinforces the groups self-chosen name of Marvelous Moms.

The group recently kicked off their Fourth Annual MMM Adopt-a-Family program and are looking for new, unwrapped items for gifts as well as food items to build hampers. Donations to the cause are accepted through the group’s large donation boxes at local businesses, including Higher Grounds on Main Street. Items will be distributed once sorted and earmarked for adopted families.

The program helps families in need who do not necessarily qualify for assistance through government agencies. Instead, the Moms look at each family situation on a case by case basis: job loss, fire, domestic violence, health, etc.

Marvelous Mom Sarah Hall said the initiative was important for the community. “I believe that this is important because there are people in our community that desperately ned help at Christmas, and they may not have access to some of the supports they need,” she said, adding some families may not qualify for traditional government assistance. “I think that it is important that we fill that gap.”

A big part of the Marvelous Moms initiative is making sure the entire family is looked after, something Hall says is one of the things that makes their hamper program unique.

Donating families have the opportunity to shop for more personal items for their adopted family, making a more personalized connection.

The Moms like to set families up for a day or evening out together, providing an opportunity for families to do something they otherwise could not afford. The group looks for unique ideas for donations to create some special Christmas magic. Some of the gifts considered for parents include things as simple as haircuts or movie tickets. In the past, local teens and Moms have got into the spirit by offering to gift their services as babysitters.

Hall said she is confident the network of local moms will come through this season as they do throughout the year.
“What’s amazing is if you ask for help, there are literally thousands of women in town that will help you,” Hall said. “That’s what is amazing about it. If someone is willing to ask, everybody steps up. That’s what I love about this town.”

Those wishing to assist the program, or who need a little help from the program can do so by contacting the Marvelous Moms at mmmoms@hotmail.com. Complete confidentiality is assured.

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