Celebrating 100 years


by Lucie Roy

Frank Prefontaine celebrated his 100th birthday on Saturday at Youville Home in St. Albert among friends and family, including his 11 grandchildren and 19 great-grandchildren.

People from Morinville, Legal, Edmonton, Namao and Calgary joined him for the afternoon celebration.

His three children, Bernie Prefontaine, Claudette Slugoski and Connie Hansen, greeted the many who attended.

Prefontaine still has a great memory, is in good health, and has a secret stash of chocolates in his room for his sweet tooth.

A Certificate from the Pope arrived just in time for the celebrations.

When Frank was born in 1916, Alberta had only been a province for 11 years. The Dominion of Canada was 49 years old, and Sir Robert Borden was the Prime Minister.

Local shopping would get you potatoes for .45 a bushel, turnip and beets .05 a pound, live chickens .18 a pound, and turkey at .22 cents a pound.

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