Police focus on Intersection Safety this month

submitted by Morinville RCMP

In conjunction with the Alberta Traffic Safety Action Plan, the Morinville RCMP will be focussing attention on intersection safety.

Bad habits collide in intersections. Whether rural or urban based, intersections are the place where a conflict between vehicles and pedestrians have dire consequences. Road conditions are unpredictable, and the lighting conditions on our streets and highways vary. For this reason, we urge people always to use caution when approaching intersections, prepare for the unexpected and share the road safely.

For Drivers:

Intersections can be dangerous – pay close attention to your driving and others’.
Watch out for other drivers and pedestrians.

Always look before proceeding through an intersection.

Be prepared for the unexpected and share the road safely.

Do not:
Run red lights.
Roll through a stop sign.
Speed through intersections.
Follow too closely.
Make unsafe left-hand turns.
Rely on having the right of way.

For Pedestrians:

POINT, PAUSE, and PROCEED. Be alert at intersections and always look for possible dangers when crossing the street.
Make eye contact with drivers before you cross the street.

Abide by traffic signs and signals. They are in place to protect your safety.

Pay attention! Remove headphones and put away cellphones or other electronic devices when crossing the street.

Some facts and statistics relating to intersection in Alberta:

• Failure to stop at a stop sign results in a $287 fine and three demerits. At a stop sign, drivers are required to come to a complete stop, which means the wheels of the vehicle must not be moving, before proceeding safely through the intersection. This complete stop gives drivers the opportunity to look for oncoming traffic, pedestrians, or cyclists.

• A sidewalk acts as a stop sign. Before entering a main street from a road, service road, alley, driveway or parking lot, a vehicle must stop unless marked otherwise.

• Failing to yield to a pedestrian in a crosswalk carries a fine of $776 plus four demerit points.
• Pedestrians always have right of way at an unmarked intersection or stop sign unless otherwise indicated by signage.

• In 2014, 52 people were killed, and 8,358 people were injured in collisions at intersections in Alberta.

• 95.6 per cent of collisions occurred at intersections in urban areas (2014).

• Some people think that driving in the city has more risk, but this is not true — 61.7 per cent of fatal intersection-related collisions happened in rural intersections during 2014.

• In 2014, about 86 per cent of all collisions are attributable to driver error. In Alberta, three of the top five most frequent driver errors in casualty collisions were making a left turn across the path of an on-coming vehicle (12.2 per cent), committing a stop sign violation (8.3 per cent), and disobeying a traffic signal (6.9 per cent).

• Slush, snow or ice was involved in 18 per cent of fatal collisions and 23.9 per cent of non-fatal injury collisions. Visit 511 Alberta to find out the road conditions before you head out on the road.

Intersections can be dangerous. Leave room, turn safely, and don’t run red lights. Please be careful when approaching intersections and be respectful of all motorists and pedestrians.

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