Column: Joe Morinville

Talking to folks since the Christmas break has been like scraping the bottom of a jar of mayonnaise to get enough for your sandwich. There ain’t much there, and what you do get comes with that awful scraping sound of metal on glass. People just don’t got a whole lot to say, even on the Facebook where they’ll complain about just about anything. But people is talking about a few things lately.

Library looking for more bucks to be open more

Went to take some books back to the library on Monday and was hoping to get a couple of new western ones to read. But they was closed. I knew that but I’d forgot it because I got so used to them being open every day except holidays. Then I remembered they did not get all of the extra money they asked for this year. Then I realized that maybe I’d gotten a little spoiled they was open every day. They didn’t used to be. Then I read their petition to get people to help them get more money from the Town and the County by signing a petition. Then I thought if as many people gave a cheque as signed that petition, maybe they’d be open on Mondays again. But I don’t think either is likely to happen anytime soon.

Dead celebrities — new and old

Been quite a few famous folks kicking the bucket lately. That singer David Bowie, and the English actor what was the bad guy in the first Die Hard movie, and the fellow what played Grizzly Adams. Used to watch that show with the kids when they was still home. It’s sad when people you’ve seen on TV and the movies die.
But I love how whenever a celebrity dies, 12 more come back from the grave to die for us on Facebook all over again.
Seen someone post the other day where Gilligan was dead. People was saying how sad it was he was gone. Problem is he’s been gone for more than a decade.
Use the Google before you post something people.

Politics and religion

So I guess this new minister of education Notley give the job to has made some new rules for schools so they can better be respectful to transgendered people. Now, I’m from a different day, and I have a hard time wrapping my head around keeping all these different names straight what we got now. In my day, we called boys boys and girls girls, and those what was one but acted like another got called names that just weren’t right. I may not understand these new names and terms, but I understand why we need them, and I understand why the government needs to make some rules, so kids don’t get called the things what we used to call kids that was different. Bullying is a big problem today.
But I read in the Internet papers that the Bishop down there in Calgary don’t like the new rules one bit and said the government was totalitarian and anti-Catholic.

I think this Bishop ought to look up totalitarian in the dictionary or better yet, pick up a WWII history book. A totalitarian wants to control every aspect of people’s lives like Hitler and Mussolini did. Maybe we need Mr. Jim Prentice back to tell that Bishop to look in the mirror.