Primeau student juggling school, hockey…and just about everything

Georges H. Primeau student Jordan Imgrund-Harvey took up juggling last summer and is already juggling multiple clubs and balls with solid skill. – Stephen Dafoe Photos

by Stephen Dafoe –

The last thing one expects to see in the lobby of a Novice hockey tournament is a young man juggling clubs, particularly a young man juggling clubs with great skill. But there he was with three, neon green juggling clubs passing back and forth over his head and under his legs.


Jordan Imgrund-Harvey is a 13-year-old Grade 8 Georges H. Primeau student with a passion for the variety art. Drawn to the art after watching some Youtube videos, the juggler has developed his skills through dedicated efforts.
This past summer, Imgrund-Harvey took up cigar box juggling, which he describes as a different skill from juggling. After mastering the cigar boxes, he quickly moved on to other objects.

“In September I started juggling three balls,” he said, adding he currently can juggle four balls and is working on mastering five.

juggle2webThough he only received his first set of juggling clubs as a Christmas gift, Imgrund-Harvey has a solid grasp on moving them around less than a month later.

“Juggling was so hard until I put my mind to it,” he said. “[It’s] having no life and a lot of practice. My social life went right out the window when I started. After school, I’ll practice for an hour or an hour-and-a-half, and on the weekends, I’ll juggle at home or at the arenas when I have the chance.”

In addition to maneuvering clubs and balls through the air, Imgrund-Harvey maneuvers a puck on the ice with a Bantam Mustangs team.

Imgrund-Harvey’s mother Michelle Imgrund is impressed with how quickly her son’s skills have developed and how dedicated he is to the pursuit.

“Every day he works really really hard practicing,” she said. “He can juggle miscellaneous items. Everywhere he goes, he’s always juggling.”

Imgrund-Harvey said he is not yet sure if he will display his talent at Primeau’s annual student talent show, which typically takes place on the last day of school before spring break.

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