Letter: Blue Monday Thanks


Thank you for publishing our Blue Monday editorial, [Jan. 13 online / Jan. 20 print] thereby furthering the conversation about suicide prevention. Suicide is such a difficult topic but one we must table. Because of its complexity, there are few best practices in suicide prevention but responsible, thoughtful media reporting is one and we rely on you and your colleagues to not shy away from this discussion. Responsible media reporting not only educates the public but also helps break down the stigma surrounding suicide.

Centre for Suicide Prevention is an education centre, and education is another best practice in suicide. We not only have content experts, like our Executive Director, Mara Grunau, who are able to speak to the issue, but we also have the world’s largest English-language library of suicide-related documents including journal articles, documentaries, and memoirs. Please do not hesitate to contact us in the future for other stories about suicide and mental health.

We commend you for your work in suicide prevention; the media has such an important role to play.

Crystal Walker
Communications Coordinator
Centre for Suicide Prevention

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