The Week in photos

Education rally

On the third anniversary of the opening of Morinville Public School (Feb. 6), approximately 60 parents and students rallied in front of the school for action on a 5-9 public school in Morinville, promised 14 months ago. Parents recently received a letter from the Sturgeon School Division on the progess to date, and the parents are concerned the Town of Morinville is stalling the process. See letter to the editor on Page 4 for details on their concerns.

– Lucie Roy Photo


Hair Massacure fundraiser
Above: Kali Bear helps a shopper with her groceries outside Morinville Sobeys Sunday afternoon. The store help a fundraiser for the Hair Massacure from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Feb. 7.


Fred the Hair Massacure dog makes a new friend in Kira Manz.

– Stephen Dafoe Photos

Up a tree
Donnie Boutilier sent us this excellent shot of a porcupine in a tree. Donnie spends a lot of time driving around Sturgeon County capturing nature shots.


Giving blood
Stephen Smith (above) just completed his 49th blood donation. Smith said he is waiting for the next Blood Donor Clinic at the Rendez-Vous Centre Mar. 29 to celebrate his 50th donation. The donation scheduled after that is July 12. More than 134 blood donors were booked for the Feb. 2 clinic. Denis Pelletier (below) was holding his gift of life after completing his blood donation on Tuesday. This was his 36th blood donation.

– Lucie Roy Photos



Clocking speed
A community peace officer monitors speed on 100 Avenue in downtown Morinville. February is distracted driving month, and Morinville RCMP, as well as CPOs, are on the lookout for drivers who are texting or talking on the phone while driving. – Lucie Roy Photo


Puzzling activity
Aspen Recreation Therapist Mary Benson did a crossword puzzle with the residents Feb. 2.
– Lucie Roy Photo


Above: Twin Primeau students Sierra and Cheyenne Dunn make some crepes. – Stephen Dafoe Photo

Plaisir de Carnaval

George. H. Primeau school held their annual French Canadian Carnaval Feb. 3. The afternoon event consisted of indoor and outdoor activities, including the serving of poutine, and La Tire, hot maple syrup poured on fresh, clean snow, then rolled up on a popsicle stick. Students also had the opportunity to make crepes, create art, and play some outdoor sports.

Local students will have the opportunity to celebrate French culture Mar. 4 when the Franco-Albertan flag is raised, kicking off Rendez-vous de la Francophonie (Mar. 3 to 23). The national event features activities in appreciation of the French language and its many cultural expressions.


Emily Moore and Faith LaBlanc create some art.

– Stephen Dafoe Photo


Primeau students play some hockey with a teacher at the outdoor rink as part of the school’s Carnaval.

– Stephen Dafoe Photo

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