Warmer temperatures creating dangerous conditions, Town says

by Morinville News Staff

The Town of Morinville is asking residents to use caution whether walking or driving over the coming days. Warner weather is creating slick conditions.

In a media release Wednesday afternoon, the Town indicates Public Works is working hard to keep roads and sidewalks clear and safe throughout the municipality. They report Town-owned trails and sidewalks are in excellent condition with open and exposed surfaces are very dry and down to the asphalt or concrete surface.

“Where trails are shaded and no sun has penetrated to remove the frozen surface, gravel and salt have been placed to make walking conditions safe,” said Donald Fairweather Public Works Operations Manager. “However, we will be monitoring all trail conditions daily as the warm temperatures will once again cause moisture to melt on these surfaces and freeze once it cools down again.”

All Town roads have received snow removal over the past two weeks. The Town says recent rain made clearing the thick ice almost impossible in a couple areas of town and patches of ice/snow remain. Road crews have been heavily salting and sanding those areas and will look at removing any excess snow/ice during warm(er) temperatures this week.

“Extra work is also being planned for street corners, where generally drains are located,” Fairweather said. “This will make it easier for melted material to reach the drains and make it safer for pedestrians to cross.”

Similar to the Town-owned trails and sidewalks, the extra melting develops puddles, and these will continue to freeze when the temperatures cool, causing unsafe conditions once again. The Town will continue to monitor Town roads, and will do their best to ensure salt and sand impacted areas.

They are asking residents to use due caution as both a pedestrian and driver during the coming days. Wearing ice cleats is recommended on icy surfaces and care should be taken when entering or exiting any vehicle or while walking on all driveways and sidewalks.

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