Alexander First Nation institutes media blackout

by Morinville News Staff

Alexander First Nation issued what it called a “complete and total media blackout,” Thursday afternoon to take effect immediately and until “further notice from Chief Kurt Burnstick.”

Burnstick was charged by Morinville RCMP Mar. 4 with one count of sexual assault and is to appear in court in Morinville Apr. 14.

The Morinville News and other media sources received a fax from Alexander’s chief and council banning media from Alexander’s lands.

“In light of recent media broadcasts, the Alexander First Nation is dealing with negative impacts as a result of these biased and uninformed statements,” reads the notice to media. “The impact is negative amongst our membership and we ask that you respect this decision of our people.”

The notice goes on to state a failure to comply with the blackout will be “construed as trespassing and the authorities will be notified.”

Marcel Arcand, a spokesperson for Alexader’s Council, said the decision was based on comments made during an Edmonton news broadcast.

The chief and three of Alexader’s six councillors signed the notice.

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  1. Report something positive like the Artist from our nation that had his artwork gifted to the president….sick of seeing Internet trolls feeding off this negative bs

  2. We have just got his contact info this morning. Due to the media blackout, he will now need to come to us for the interview.

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