iLumiDance offered something completely different

iLumiDance from Morinville News on Vimeo.

photos by Stephen Dafoe

Rainbow Dance Theatre’s iLumiDance hit the Morinville Community Cultural Centre stage Mar. 10. The third in a series of no charge family shows during the centre’s fifth year of performing arts; iLumiDance offered a unique mixture of dance and technology.

Artistic Director Darryl Thomas’ lifelong fascination with computers and electronics led to a unique show, which began touring in the spring of 2013 with a company of seven dancers and crew of two.


The dance company uses electro-luminescent light (EL) wire, fiber-optic fabric, proprietary technology, and a computer system to illuminate the show’s costumes, sets, puppets, and props to create a dance of light to accompany the dancers and iLumiDance’s musical score.

iLumiDance illustrated the procession of life from the big bang, through the evolution of single-celled, and on to complex organisms in the first half of the show, and told a more mythical story through light and dance during the second half of the performance.

The show was sponsored by The Morinville News.

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