Notre Dame students learn about Aboriginal Perspectives and Experiences

Above: Sharon Churchill and Notre Dame teacher Annette Holterman with the 4 point Hudson Bay blanket.

photos by Lucie Roy

Wolf and weasel pelts, buffalo horns, tanned hides, pictures, wood carving, copper plate and pot, slippers, moccasins and boots were just some of the many artifacts on display in Notre Dame School Library on Tuesday morning.

The Grade 4 students are studying Aboriginal culture, honouring and valuing traditions, concepts and symbols that are expressions of their identity.

Sharon Churchill provided photos of great Chiefs and stories of her forefathers and the many items that are now in a museum. Her grandfather, William Walter, had a trading post in Kuroki Saskatchewan in the 1900s.


Michel Vermette with the buffalo horns.


Alyssa Smith with the wolf moccasins.


Logan Turgeon was learning about the Chiefs.

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