Letter to the Editor re: Article – Council puts brakes on red light and stop sign camera discussion

This letter is in response to Council puts brakes on red light and stop sign camera discussion


Cliff and I would publically like to thank Councillor Barry Turner, who intercepted Mr. Steer about the wording of the presentation. Having attended the Committee of the Whole meeting [Mar. 15], specifically to listen to this presentation, in our opinion it sounded like a sales pitch to Council on something that had already been decided on. Councillor Turner made it very clear that there has been no decision in Morinville to apply this technology.

Secondly, we would like to thank Councillor Stephen Dafoe for making the motion to table any discussion on this new technology until the Town’s Photo Enforcement Policy is reviewed, and to the rest of Council for unanimously agreeing to this motion. As we all know there has been a LOT of discussion regarding photo radar over the past few years – is it just a cash cow or is it truly about safety?

A statement in the article has raised a couple of questions and/or comment that I would like to raise in this letter. “Global Traffic Group covers all start-up costs and resources. There is no financial risk to the municipality for the equipment, but the town would have to enter into a three – to five – year contract with the company.”

My comment – In my mind there is always SOME financial risk of some sort that is not highlighted or outlined in any presentation but shows up later when the equipment and program is in place. I have not yet found anything that is totally free.


My questions:

The most concerning thing about this article is the mention of a requirement to enter into a three – to five-year contract. I do not remember hearing this verbalized in the presentation, and so I would look to Council to ask Administration – is this true? Would this be a DIFFERENT and SEPARATE contract with Global Traffic Group as opposed to the current one we are in for Photo Radar with Information Technology Services (ITS)? If it is to become included as part of the photo radar contract would this not require a major revision? If we have to enter into a new contract would we go public with a Request for Proposal (RFP)?

Thank you
Linda Lyons and Cliff Haryett

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  1. Thank you Cliff and Linda for your vigilance on photo radar and a great letter. I am glad to see that two councilors had their stick on the ice to start the ball rolling on putting the brakes on with what appeared to be an already done deal appearing to be supported by DS. Morinville has one red light and several stop signs. Running red lights or stop signs could be easily patrolled by the current peace officers giving meaningful tickets. This is just an extension of the photo radar cash cow. Given the current economy and the economic woes of the town and the province, I think it would be best for the town council to budget for savings instead of looking for another form of taxation…………oh well, what can one say..”can’t wait for the next town election”.

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