Column: Joe Morinville

It seems like the people in Morinville are more interested in talking about what Mr. Trump is doing and saying than what our own politicians at all levels of government are doing and saying. Suppose that makes some sense on account of our own politicians not being as colourful as the American ones, and I’m not talking about Mrs. Clinton’s pantsuits. It’s not that American politicians are better than ours. But it got me thinking about what Canadian politicians and citizens are up to.

Not likely to go toughy on Duffy

Senator Mike Duffy’s trial ended last Tuesday after ten months, and the judge is supposed to decide by the end of April if he’s guilty of any of the 31 charges they got him up on for stuff like bribery and fraud. It sure made a lot of headlines and news reports when it started, but hardly a word was said last week when it got wrapped up. His lawyer says the other lawyer threw 31 charges at him, hoping one would stick. I’m not sure if anything will stick other than the cost of the trial with the taxpayers of this country.

eMail dinosaur or onto something?

One Canadian politics story that got some attention last week was when it was learned B.C.’s Finance Minister Mike de Jong don’t do email. But it got attention for the wrong reason – to make fun of the guy. Them boneheads what read the news on the different TV shows all made the same jokes about how they bet he used a rotary dial phone still. And people in the comment sections made fun of him on account of him being old fashioned and not with the times. But I think he might be onto something. He said, “When people are getting four to five hundred emails a day, when are they working?” It’s a good question, but nobody seemed to think about that. Instead, the mainstream media all picked on what’s maybe the one government employee what prefers to get work done instead of putting work off sending and answering a bunch of emails.

Take me to Timmy’s

Another Canadian news story what got missed by most of the people I talk to was a young buck who got on a bus in Toronto and made the driver miss a few stops so he could drop him at Tim Hortons. Now I’ve been sitting at Timmy’s for my morning gab and seen them wheeling down the lane on two wheels to sit in the drive through for 20 minutes. But I’ve never heard tell of someone so desperate for a jug of java that they pulled a knife on a bus driver. They arrested the guy right away, and I don’t know what the judge will give him. But if I were the judge, I’d make the sentence a double-double.

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