1st Morinville Scouts looking for leaders

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by Stephen Dafoe

Local youth in Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Venturers are in need of leaders to help run the youth-led program in Morinville.

Group Commissioner Adam Roddis said 1st Morinville Scouting Movement were currently in need of another five to eight leaders for the various levels of Scouting.

“We need volunteers to step up,” he said. “We have a large contingent of volunteers in our group that are facilitating different roles right now. We do have some leaders that may be stepping down at the end of the year due to their youth not returning. We have to balance who’s here now, who’s staying, who’s leaving, and replace them.”
There are four programs in Morinville: Beaver Scouts (5-7), Cub Scouts (8-10), Scouts (11-14), and Venturer Scouts (14-17).

In addition to leaders for the four programs, 1st Morinville Scouting Movement is looking for some members to join the executive as some members have been in their roles for some time. As part of the movement’s tradition, they are looking to put new people in some of the roles.

“It invites vitality into the group, bringing new ideas and new people,” Roddis said of limiting the time in executive positions. “It keeps the group strong and young.”

On the executive side, 1st Morinville Shouts needs to replace their registrar this year, and their group commissioner and administrator next year. Ideally, Roddis said these positions would go to people not serving as Scout leaders.
“We’re trying not to have them doubled up,” he said. “We don’t want a scout leader being in the executive because it is just too much.”

Roddis said Leader commitment is approximately 90 minutes a week plus program planning time for 10 to a maximum of 20 hours per month.

Whether serving as a leader or member of the executive, the ideal candidate is a person that believes in the Scouting program, is willing to work with the youth, and has leadership, planning and organizational skill.

“We’re looking for people that can think outside the box,” Roddis said. “This group is supposed to be youth led, and we need them to coach the kids, not take over.”

Group Administrator Mitch Ethier said involvement in Scouts was rewarding.

“We love doing stuff for the kids. It keeps kids in the community active, and it’s carrying on traditions,” he said.
Roddis adds that Scouting is a valuable resource in the technologically advanced world.

“Kids need this outlet. Kids need to be out, and they need to learn how to survive in this environment without electronics,” he said. “That’s what we ty to do.”

Those interested in becoming a leader or executive member, visit www.morinvillescouts.com, email info@morinvillescouts.com, or call Group Administrator Mitch Ethier at 780-939-4750.

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