Traffic infractions down over Easter weekend

by Morinville News Staff

RCMP saw a decline in the number of traffic infractions and traffic-related criminal offences over the Easter long weekend compared tot he same period in 2015.

RCMP and Alberta Sheriffs reported one fatal highway collision in both 2015 and 2016; however, there wee two deaths this year compared to one in 2015. Motor vehicle collisions involving injury were down to seven this Easter weekend compared to 28 in 2015.

Impaired charges were also down this year. Police issued 49 impaired driving charges compared to 83 in 2015 and issued 34 roadside suspensions, three less than 2015.

Thefts of vehicles and thefts from vehicles were also down this year. In 2015, police received reports of 92 stolen vehicles. That number was down to 65 this year. Similarly reports of thefts from motor vehicles fell from 103 in 2015 to 67 this year.

RCMP Detachment Traffic Enforcement handed out fewer speeding ticket this year – 122 in 2016 and 502 in 2015. Seatbelt, due care and attention, and intersection violation were all down this Easter weekend.

Integrated Traffic Units (RCMP and Alberta Sheriffs) also clocked and ticketed fewer speeders on the holiday weekend – 2,988 this year compared to 3,482 in 2015.

Of that number, 27 were clocked at 50 over the speed limit, almost a 50 per cent reduction from the 50 clocked in 2015.

Police are still investigating some infractions and say this year’s holiday weekend numbers may increase.

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