Friends of the Library looking for more friends

by Stephen Dafoe

Public computers, photocopiers, movie licenses, and coffee supplies are just a few of the things the Friends of the Morinville Public Library have been able to gift the library through fundraising.

The non-profit Society recently held their annual general meeting, appointing an executive and brainstorming to see how the group can best support the library’s needs.

President Keith Norris, Vice President Cheryl Pasechnik, Treasure Shelley Faganello, Secretary Kelly Harding, join fellow executive members Dick Bolivar, Ashley Kain, and Stacey Buga in running the Society and organizing the various events.

“We fundraise so that we can buy stuff for the library,” said Vice President Cheryl Pasechnik. “We buy new computers for the public and the staff. We have bought shelving. We bought all the new games when we started that program. We’ve helped out with the Lego Club, the Minecraft Club. We also pay for little extra things like the photocopier, the tables and chairs in the program room. Anything the library’s budget doesn’t cover.”

To keep raising funds in the community for those items, the Friends of the Morinville Public Library are looking to build a roster of Friends at Large. Pasechnik said Friends at Large are people that want to assist the Society and the library it helps, but perhaps do not have the time to commit to regular monthly meetings.

“We need Friends at Large to help with the volunteering at the events that we do,” she said, adding the time commitment is minimal. “It’s very little. It’s just when we need volunteers when we have fundraising events.”

The Friends of the Morinville Public Library have an important fundraising event coming up. They will be taking part in a casino Monday, July 25 and Tuesday, July 26 in St. Albert. The Friends will need 11 volunteers each day to be able to fill all the roles at the casino.

The group is also looking to expand its Executive roster by three members to a full compliment of 10 members.

Pasechnik said potential Executive and Friends at Large could see any library staff member for details and forms.

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