Misleading furnace companies catch Service Alberta attention

by Morinville News Staff

Service Alberta is advising Albertans to be cautious of misleading furnace sales companies.

The government agency has received recent complaints about some furnace rental and sales businesses conducting door-to-door sales.

These companies are allegedly using false or misleading contracts or failing to disclose the full cost of the contract. Additionally, the salespeople are allegedly implying they are conducting government-sanctioned furnace inspections to demand entry in homes. Service Alberta reports the complaints include that the inspections are related to installations that allegedly do not meet gas installation/building codes.

Service Alberta is reminding Albetans The Fair Trading Act provides protection from aggressive door-to-door salespeople.

Albertans have, with certain exceptions, a 10-day cooling-off period where they are able to cancel a door-to-door sales contract without reason or penalty.

Service Alberta recommends asking for identification before allowing a door-to-door seller into their home or office.

They encourage consumers to obtain, read, and understand any contract before signing it. Better protection comes by getting estimates and comparing prices, checking the company’s businesses’ record with the Better Business Bureau, and making sure of the contracts reference terms, conditions and cancellation rights.

Albertans with concerns about door-to-door sales can contact Service Alberta’s Consumer Contact Centre at 1-877-427-4088.

The Utilities Consumer Advocate has information on door-to-door sales and can provide assistance in making informed choices for electricity or natural gas services. They can be contacted at at 310-4UCA (4822) for or

More information on how to avoid becoming a victim of fraud can be found:

On the Service Alberta website
Door-to-door sales tipsheet
By calling the Consumer Contact Centre, toll-free at
Utilities Consumer Advocate website

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