Column: Joe Morinville

Most all of my friends were busy looking after their grandkids during the spring break from school. This week will be better on account of all the ankle biters being back in school. I spent most of last week reading a couple of westerns from the library and seeing what kind of crazy stuff was going over the Internets.

Taking stuff for granted

Seems the big thing people was worked up about last week was someone not cutting the onions the way they like them on their sandwich at one of the local restaurants.

Probably don’t make a lot of sense for me to be criticizing people complaining about stuff since I get paid (not very much) to complain about stuff, but it don’t make no sense to me why people have got to post their complaints on the Facebook before they ever talk to the business about the thing they don’t like.

Seen on Global News the other night where some woman in the States called 911 because they made her pizza wrong and wouldn’t refund her money. Not sure where she lived, but they must not have one of them Rant and Rave pages there.

Putting your breast foot forward

Read where the Sun newspaper in England was having a contest for folks to send pictures of their cleavage. They were offering up a thousand pounds for the “breast cleavage” shots. Well, I guess they did not specify if it was women or men they wanted, so they wound up with a lot of middle-aged men sending in their cleavage photos. And some of them cleavage photos were of the plumbers’ crack variety.

I don’t know if any of those guys won the thousand pounds or not, but I bet whoever come up with that contest will come up with a different one next time.

Google goof up

Well, April Fools’ Day didn’t go so well for the Google people. I guess they added a fake button on their email service, and when you clicked it, it added a cartoon of a cartoon character dropping a microphone. I had to look up what that might mean. I guess it means having the last word. Apparently sending an email to some bosses with a dropping microphone didn’t go so well with some bosses and a couple of people say they got fired because of it.
Some bosses just don’t have a sense of humour about that sort of stuff.

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