Two new hires at Community Services Department

Events & Cultural Services Coordinator Shaun Peters and Events & Cultural Services Programmer Lori Pratt were introduced at the Chamber luncheon on their first day of work Wednesday. – Lucie Roy Photo

by Lucie Roy

Wednesday was the first day on the job for two new hires at the Town of Morinville Community Services Department, located at the Morinville Community Cultural Centre (MCCC).

The position of Events & Culture Services Coordinator has been filled by Shaun Peters and the Events & Culture Services Programmer by Lori Pratt. The two new hires were introduced to the community at the Morinville and District Chamber of Commerce luncheon.

As an Events & Cultural Services Programmer Pratt said this is her background, pieces of it. She has been working with communities and working around non-profits and collaborating with each of the groups and how towns and non-profits all work together for a common positive outcome. Pratt said she has not necessarily worked through the town but worked for non-profit organizations that work with towns or with other groups.

Pratt attended engineering at NAIT and said it is interesting how paths take us in different directions. “It just sort of evolved,” she said, adding she got involved with different organizations, one was preservation of history and kind of blended her engineering and architectural background with procuring money to preserve historical structures. That is how she first got involved with non-profits and went from there.

“[I’m] really honoured to be here and looking forward to working with all of the various groups and how we all interact and collaborate for a common event or common project,” she said. “Looking forward to meeting the community for sure.”

Shaun Peters said his role was around building the culture and community events agenda to build and foster community.

“I look forward to meeting residents and getting out and about as we move forward in planning those events,” he said noting Morinville is an interesting community with military families, German, French, and a diverse population with young families moving in with those established here for quite a while. “It is an exciting community on that level.”

He has been in marketing and special events for 16 years and worked with the Safety Codes Council based out of Edmonton as a marketing specialist. Before that, he was with the Art Gallery of Alberta and Edmonton Community Foundation.

[I’m] delighted to be here,” he said. “Great team and community so far. Just look forward to cultural activities and to go out and meet people.”

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