Week in photos



Aspen residents got a chance to see some chicks hatching from a 7-egg incubator this week. On Wednesday and Thursday residents were able to hold the small chicks in their hands. “It brings back many memories of the farm,” said resident Anastasia Sroka.

Residents have been keeping a careful eye on the chicks and getting instructions on handling them. The chicks are only there until Apr. 21. The residents have also been entertained with chicken trivia.

– Lucie Roy Photos


Catholic Women’s League on the move

With the Parish Hall sold, Gib and Lil Boddez were busy packing up boxes from the CWL Boardroom Thursday. Temporary storage will be at the rectory.

– Lucie Roy Photo


Spring is in bloom

The warmer weather is resulting in more and more green growth in local yards.

– Stephen Dafoe Photos

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