Town issues Fire Advisory

Submitted by Town of Morinville

This morning The Morinville Fire Department issued a fire advisory for the Town of Morinville.

Due to the dry conditions and the possibility of extreme grass fires, Morinville Fire Department is asking all residents to exercise caution when using their approved/permitted fire pits. Approved recreational backyard fire pits with appropriate screens are allowed. Please use extreme caution when burning. This includes charcoal barbecues, recreational fires in campgrounds and where appropriate, in parks.

Reminders: there is no open air fire burning within town limits. Furthermore, outside fire pits are not to be used to burn refuse or yard waste like twigs and leafs.

Should residents have any questions, please review the bylaw at or call the Morinville Fire Department at 780.939.4162 or Town Office at 780.939.4361.

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