MCHS Principal leaving at the end of the year

by Stephen Dafoe

After five years of being principal of Morinville Community High School, Todd Eistetter will say farewell to the school, staff, and students June 30. Eistetter has accepted a position with Edmonton Catholic Schools to become the principal of John Paul I Catholic School, an elementary on the south side of Edmonton.

Eistetter has worked at both high school and elementary levels several times over his long career and said there are both pros and challenges to both levels of schooling.

“The high school I’ve enjoyed because of all the different programs and initiatives that are part of high school and this age group,” he said, adding watching students excel in academics, theatre, music, and sports has been enjoyable. “Leaving high school is going to be difficult for me.”

Eistetter said he was looking forward to the opportunities and challenges of elementary education once again.
“It is more working with individual students and their families than perhaps at the high school level, and I am looking forward to the change and getting reacquainted with that age group, curriculum, programming, and the needs that are evident. I have to keep myself sharp, and I think that is one way to try and do it.”

Though Esitetter felt the time for a change had come, and he is looking forward to the closest school posting to his home in more than two decades, he said he has thoroughly enjoyed his time at MCHS.

“I’ve really liked the opportunity to get involved with the connections we’ve made with all the different people and organizations in the community,” he said. “I think that is critical to any school but especially to a high school.”
Eistetter said he appreciated partnerships with the Lions Club, the Knights of Columbus, the Catholic Women’s League, Champion Petfoods and other businesses and community members who have sponsored scholarships or provided resources like the cultural centre.

Eistetter’s legacy after a half-decade of service is a school he believes is ready to accept any challenge.
“I think the school is very well prepared. We’re in a good position,” he said. “I think we’ve got a good relationship with the community and with the parents. I think there are many different things that have happened here in the last four or five years that are very positive, and my successor has the opportunity to take this and continue growing, possibly in different directions that they see as being reasonable and relevant.”

Developing school pride has been something important to Eistetter and his staff during his time at the school. Teachers and staff that want to be there have had a significant impact on the students, resulting in their seeing, feeling and being part of the school.

“I think part of it is believing in yourself, and believing in what you are doing and what you represent,” Eistetter said. “The school is what we represent, and it’s very much a collective. It’s very much a collective, a team event. There are so many things going on; it’s not one person, it is a collective. The more people that you bring into the picture, the more people who are willing to participate, the better things that will happen. That’s what makes a school successful.”

The veteran educator had nothing but good things to say about the school, it’s staff, students, and families, and said when he came to MCHS five years ago, they looked at what the school had been and what it could become.
“We realized that this was the gem nobody knew about,” he recalled. “There were so many things happening here and had happened here that were so positive. But people just didn’t know. People in the community and beyond the community just hadn’t heard. Part of it is taking that pride in the school and telling people – this is what’s possible now. How we as a school connect with the community is critical, and how the community connects with the school is critical. They have to go hand in hand.”

Parent Council Chair Mel Christoffersen and co-chair Sheri Belland said they were sad to see Eistetter leaving the school and the Division.

“Todd Eistetter will be greatly missed in our community,” they wrote in a letter to Morinville News. ” We would like to wish him the very best in his future endeavours.”

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  1. It’s a terrible loss for MCHS students but a fantastic opportunity. Thank you for all you’ve done Todd. You will be missed but best wishes for your new adventure !

  2. Thank you for your commitment to our kids, to MCHS and to our community. You will be sorely missed. All the very best to you in Edmonton.

  3. You will be missed! Thanks for your dedication and belief in our kids 🙂

  4. Todd to say I’m sad is such an understatement. You have given part of your sole to make MCHS what it is after five years of hard work with staff, parents, students and community. I really hope GSACRD realizes what they are losing in an advocate for their division which at times has been an embarrassment. You’re a true believer in pride, community, teamwork and making students feel at ease for the most part. I can honestly say after 13 years in this school division system you were the only educator who ever took a selfie with my daughter and had her text it to me when you caught her in the hallway instead of in her class . You are a class act and the new Pricipal will have enormous shoes to fill. Good luck at your new school.

  5. So much more than a leader, you are a role model that will surely be missed Todd.
    As you leave with all the memories of our fun times and experiences together hope they bring you both laughs and not too many tears.
    Our faculty has appreciated your guidance and support and that will not only be a loss for the school but the whole community!
    Enjoy the road toward your new journey and God Bless you friend.
    With love , Mel, Andrew, Carl, Kelsi,&Anthony

  6. You are an Innovator, leader and educator who knows how to engage students and parents- thanks for making a difference. Your new school is blessed to be getting you.

  7. Todd what you have done in 5 years with engaging staff, parents, students and making countless bonds in the community is truly amazing. I wish you the best at your new school, I hope they realize how lucky they are to get you.

    • I second this whole heartedly. There is nothing we can say to even come close to thanking you enough! You have gone way, way, way above & beyond the call of duty – & ‘changed the world’ in such a positive manner. Its so sad you are leaving. I wish you only the very best in your future!

  8. Words cannot begin to express how much he has done for MCHS & this community. ? Enjoy your new adventure!

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