Caregiver training coming to area

by Stephen Dafoe

Sunflower Community Resources is partnering with area Family and Community Support Services and the Alberta Caregivers Association to offer training for caregivers.

Sunflower Program Coordinator Amy Dribnenky said they had applied for a grant to fund two training sessions for caregivers.

The main program will take place May 16 to 18 from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. in Bon Accord Council Chambers.

“The goal of Compass is it teaches volunteers so they will be able to teach the course,” she said. “We’ve noticed a huge gap in that there are no supports fo caregivers.”

The concept of the program is that it does not teach people how to be a better caregiver. Instead, it is there to support caregivers on the emotional side with a focus on taking care of the caregiver and being well enough to continue doing the role of caregiver. The workshop looks at where the caregiver is at and what their limitations are. Additional topics include managing stress and many other topics that caregivers struggle with on a regular basis.

Dribnenky said she has heard through other groups she is a member of that families are struggling to find support for children with special needs or ill and aging family members.

“When you live in a small municipality there are resources in Edmonton, but people can’t get there, especially if you are dealing with a high needs family,” she said. “The hope is that we’re going to be able to get eight facilitators throughout Sturgeon County that are interested in doing this Compass training.”

Dribnenky said the organization is seeing a lot of people that are taking care of children and aging parents.
“It’s overwhelming for many people and if you can have those tools or meet other people that are in the same kind of situation,” she said.

The program is open to those offering care and those interested in offering support to those offering care by teaching the program.

A second program called Navigator will take place May 2 and is designed for health care professionals.

For more information contact Amy Dribnenky at 780-923-2374 or visit

Below is a video on the Compass workshop.

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