Midstream Society location to be discussed in May

by Tristan Turner with files from Lucy Roy

The plight of the Midstream Society and their thrift store will be on the May 10 Council agenda.

Council received a letter informing them that the Midstream Support Society and the Morinville Lions Club will be cooperating in a bid to construct a new building for both organizations to use.

In the letter penned by Midstream Support Society President Linda Krauskopf and Lions Club President Francis Fryters, they thank the Town for providing the building for the volunteer-driven thrift store at no cost, and state that they are willing to comply with the Town’s urging that they vacate the well-worn structure.

The letter indicates the Midstream is looking for a 35 year lease on the existing property with the intent of finding funding for a new building.
Their current building was originally designed as a residence, but has seen decades of use as an ambulance building and from the society in recent years. According to Town Administration, the building is no longer suitable for continued use.

The new centre would be a replacement for the currently aging property that the Town lends to the society free of charge along 101 Street, and would also provide a new place for Lions Club events and meetings.

On Mar. 23, Council unanimously approved setting up a meeting between Administration, the Midstream Society, the Morinville Food Bank Society and Councillors Stephen Dafoe and Barry Turner to discuss the two organizations further needs.

The meeting followed tensions between the Society and Town Administration due to Administration’s calls for the society to move to a new centre from their current location on 101 Street.

Following the Midstream / Lions Club letter being entered into the public record as correspondence Apr. 26, Councillor Dafoe moved to discuss the letter and what the Town can do at the May 10 Council meeting. The motion passed unanimously except for the absent Councillor Rob Ladouceur.

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  1. Why don’t they take half of the liquor stores out of this town instead of taking something that helps many people out????

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