Suite Surrender was a real audience pleaser

by Stephen Dafoe

When the cast came out for their final bow at the end of this year’s Morinville Community High School spring play, the standing ovation they received was well deserved. Those who came out to the one night only performance were not disappointed in this year’s selection or in the efforts of those who have spent much time perfecting their lines and timing.

This year’s production was Michael McKeever’s 2011 play Suite Surrender, directed by MCHS Grade 12 students Leith Hutton and Jared Loseth.

Though a modern play, the production is a period piece set during Wold War II. It tells the story of two Hollywood divas who despise each other but are booked to do a banquet together for a war benefit. Much of the play involves hotel staff doing their best to make sure the two do not bump into one another after they are booked into the same suite. With each passing effort to keep the two apart, the audience laughed and applauded more enthusiastically.
Directors Hutton and Loseth selected the play in February and began auditioning in March. The cast of nine had been in rehearsals ever since and it is an effort that showed.

webplay2Ahead of the performance, both directors were confident their cast of seasoned MCHS actors and theatrical newcomers would be great in the upcoming comedy farce, and the mix proved solid.

The play featured Tyler Watson as Bernard S. Dunlap, Kalista MacDonald as Claudia McFadden, Emma Wiwchar as Athena Sinclair, Brayden Roberts as Mr. Pippet, Sydney Gauld as Murphy, Scott Piec as Francis, Alex Prusko as Otis, Quinn Veryvynck as Dora del Rio, and Kari Kasha as Everett P. Osgood.

Both Hutton and Loseth are in Grade 12 this year, making Suite Surrender their final production at the school.
“It’s our final curtain call,” Hutton told Morinville News while the production was still in rehearsals. “We want to put as much into it as we can while we still have the time.”


From top: The farce hits its uproarious conclusion. Athena Sinclair (Emma Wiwchar) talks to Claudia McFadden (Kalista MacDonald) as Bernard Dunlop (Tyler Watson) looks on. The cast take their final bow to a well-deseved standing ovation. Pictorial video of the show.
– Stephen Dafoe Photos

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