Editorial: Farewell, Madame Morinville

There were many highlights during Morinville’s centennial year, but a personal highlight for many was when Madame Raymonde Riopel raised her hands triumphantly after being presented with the community’s Legacy Award and said, “Viva le Morinville.”

It was a fitting remark from a woman who was, for her 95 years in this community, an exceptional citizen and one of Morinville’s best ambassadors. For RIP, as she was affectionately known to many, it was always about Morinville, and always about its people.

You can read elsewhere in this publication about Raymonde Riopel’s many accomplishments as a teacher, school trustee, business owner and community volunteer to understand some of the reasons why she was so beloved.

But if there was one thing that marked Raymonde Riopel’s sincere love of people and community, it was her phone calls. Anyone who ever received an unexpected call from RIP, calling to praise and thank them for a job well could not have hung up without being made to feel incredibly appreciated.

Such was the kindness and consideration of Raymonde Riopel. Such was her Joie de vivre and Joie de Morinville.
She was, as long-time Morinville resident Lil Boddez so aptly stated in presenting Riopel with the Legacy Award five years ago, “a Grand Lady and truly one of the best ambassadors that the Town of Morinville can have.”

Farewell, Madame Morinville. You have left a legacy we should all strive to emulate.


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