Government to hold minimum wage consultations over next month

by Morinville News Staff

The government says it will listen to employers and employees on how to move forward with changes to the minimum wage, and are planning focused consultations with key stakeholders, including employers, social service organizations, and low-income earners, over the next month.

“We’re committed to bringing Alberta’s general minimum wage up to $15 per hour to give lower-income Albertans the ability to support their families,” said Christina Gray, Minister of Labour, in a release Wednesday morning. “We want to take the time to listen to the people directly involved and make sure we get this right.”

Discussion topics for the upcoming consultations include future increases, meal and lodging deductions, and the phase-out of the differential liquor server rate.

According to government statistics, approximately 59,000 Albertans currently earn minimum wage, 61 per cent of those are female. Additionally, the government stats indicate 43 per cent of minimum-wage earners work full time, and nearly 77 per cent have permanent jobs.

Alberta’s minimum wage is currently $11.20 per hour and $10.70 for employees serving liquor as part of their regular job.

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