Council passes Westwinds ASP changes

by Tristan Turner

Council has unanimously passed Second and Third Reading of a new Area Structure Plan (ASP) amendment that will include a new Catholic elementary school and a shopping centre. The new Westwinds development is located between Masons Landscaping and the No Frills Parking lot on the west side of 100 Street.

The new ASP makes some changes to the previously passed ASP, which includes changes to the location of the school site, provides for connection to the business park, centralizes the stormwater management facility, and makes some changes to allowed zoning.

The vote came following a public hearing, where nobody except the developer, Landrex, made a presentation to Council. There was limited correspondence received regarding the project. What was received was supported the development, including Greater St. Albert Catholic School’s endorsement of the changes.

The motion passed both readings rapidly, with few questions from Council. Councillor Barry Turner did ask Administration at what point walking trails would be installed along 100 Street; however, Administration assured residents and Council that later an agreement will be made with the developer to establish pedestrian traffic along the road as part of the development process.

Councillor Nicole Boutestein asked Administration how soon the development can be expected to start going up, with Administration responding that applications had already landed on their desks, and construction should start very soon.

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