Council sponsors Christmas in June Motorcycle Toy Run at $500

by Tristan Turner

In a unanimous decision, Council has decided to sponsor the Christmas in June Toy Run put on by the Morinville Lions Club and Technical Automotives Inc. at $500. The event brings motorcyclists to Morinville to raise money for the Midstream Support Society, who offer programs and assistance to help low-income families afford presents for their children. In addition to cash, riders also bring toys for the society’s anual Santa Store.

The motion was moved by Councillor Nicole Boutestein, and was met with support from Council. Mayor Holmes felt that she typically would have preferred $250, but given their increased demand as a result of Fort McMurray evacuees requesting services, she was prompted to support a higher donation. Boutestein agreed, and also added that Council did not give to the program last year.

Councillor Dafoe commented that it was worth considering that Council had already approved a $10,000 budget item that evening to benefit the Midstream Support Society in the demolishing of their current ageing building. Despite his comments, he voted in favour of the motion.

The event is Saturday, June 4th starting at Technical Automotives Inc. in the Morinville Industrial Park. Riders can bring their motorcycles, $25 and an unopened toy or game to donate. For more information, residents can call Marty Robillard at 780-939-3976, or Deborah Robillard at 780-907-8139.

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