Collision scenario drives impaired driving message home

Harrison Huber injured in the back seat in MCHS mock collision scenario May 30 – Lucie Roy Photos

by Lucie Roy

A Mock Collision exercise with RCMP, Morinville Fire Department, EMS and Sturgeon Victim Services took place at Morinville Community High School May 30.

RCMP Sergeant Shayne Courtorielle walked the students through the various stages and the involvement of the first responders on the scene, emphasizing their actions were under a controlled scenario environment.

RCMP Constable Penny Gavin interviewed the student playing the role of the drunk driver at the scene. MCHS students Emily Burry, Harrison Huber, Brayden Roberts and Mitchell Fraser, played the part of the drivers and passengers with Kali MacDonald, a witness to the mock collision.

The students watched quietly from the sidelines as their fellow students were assessed for their injuries and wheeled away on stretchers and one that would not survive.

The program has focused on impaired driving in the past but could see a distracted driving aspect added in the future. Organizers of the annual event say it is not about scaring students, but informing them and letting them make the right decisions for themselves.

CPR required for one of the passengers- Mitchell Fraser in Mock Collision

passenger in the back seat was injured Harrison Huber

jaws of life were required to remove the passenger

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