MCHS Wolves recognize their athletic Champions

by Stephen Dafoe

The Morinville Community High School Champion Athletic Awards 2015-16 took place June 8 at the Morinville Community Cultural Centre. The event was sponsored once again by Champion Petfoods.

Almost 100 awards were presented to student-athletes in Grades 9 to 12 for a year of victory and development.
Vice Principal Wade Michael spoke to the pride the school had in its athletes and their efforts in the preceding year.

“Our teams were represented very well in class and poise, and that is appreciated at many levels and has been told to us by many people,” Michael said.

The vice principal reflected on some of the yea’s highlights, including the Grade 9 Boys Volleyball team bringing home the banner for city championships.

“Sports is more than winning and losing. It is character building, team building, and everything else,” Michael saif. “It is very important that we keep that in perspective. Sometimes we feel we sat on the bench too long, or we didn’t play enough. But it’s part of the learning curve in life. You’ll look back on those lessons and different opportunities that you had, and it will mean something to you.”

Michael went on to say how proud he coaches and school was of all of the school’s athletes.

Team Awards

Liam Auigbelle – Achievement Award

Grade 9 X-Country Running
Nick Williams – Outstanding Performance

X-Country Running
Graham Glaubitz – Outstanding Performance

Volleyball Awards

Grade 8-9 Boys
Carter Hills – Excellence Award
Andrew Seguin – Leadership Award

Grade 8-9 Girls
Laura Stalzer – Teachable Spirit
Lana Matthews – Most Valuable Teammate

JV Girls
Nicolette Diberardino – Most Valuable Teammate
Lauren Stromner – Most Improved
Chantelle Morin – Leadership Award
Chelsea Kulbisky – Team Support Award

Senior Girls
Sydney Herrick – Most Valuable Teammate
Suzanne VanBrabant – Teachable Spirit
Jordan Zadunayski – Commitment to Sport

Senior Male
Evan Hills – Most Improved Award
Craig Seguin – Most Valuable Teammate
Ben Onyshchuk – Commitment to Sport

Cheer Team
Bailey Crane – Silent Leader Award
Jesse Cardinal – Most Improved Award
Daniella Diberardino – Perseverance Award

Basketball Awards

Grade 9 Male
Johnathon Auger – Perseverance
Evan Kohut – Positive Attitude Award
Chris Ogie – Most Valuable Teammate

Grade 9 Female
Laura Stalzer – Teachable Spirit Award
Jenna McKinney – Teachable Spirit Award
Brooke Froment – Most Valuable Teammate
Jordan Hessell – Perseverance

Senior Female
Larissa Van Brabant – Excellence in Bball Award
Suzanne Van Brabant – Excellence in Bball
Shayla Kachnic – Heart & Hustle Award
Hannah Froment – Most Valuable Teammate

Senior Male
Aiden (Bo) Cornelle – Most Valuable Teammate
Liam O’Connor – Most Dedicated Teammate

Larissa Van Brabant – Most Dedicated
Suzanne Van Brabant – Most Dedicated
Keenan Hautpman – Most Dedicated
Kyle Ozipko – Most Dedicated

Grade 9 Badminton
Andrew Seguin – Most Valuable Teammate
Evan Kohut – Most Valuable Teammate
Robert Crane – Most Improved Award
Alicia Diberardino – Most Improved Award

Sr. Badminton
Matt Durocher – Dedication Award
Raven Falardeau – Excellence Award

Grade 9 Track/Field
Carter Hills – Athletic Excellence Award
Chris Ogie – Athletic Excellence Award

Senior Track/Field
Larissa Van Brabant – Athletic Excellence & Achievement Award

MCHS Grade 9 Star Athletes

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3 Star Athletes
Alicia Benjamin, Alicia Brost, Brooke Froment, Rowan Ozipko, Joseph Hulobowich, Dylan Vanlesburghe

4 Star Athletes
Liam Allard, Laura Stalzer, Ethan Lessard, Chris Ogie

5 Star Athletes
Jenna McKinney, Evan Kohut, Alicia Diberardino, Andrew Seguin

MCHS Grade 10 Star Athletes

3 Star Athletes
Chelsea Kulbiski, Kendra Rivard, Amy VanBrabant, Steve Vansevenandt

MCHS Grade 11 Star Athletes

3 Star Athletes
Chantelle Morin, Shane Weiss, Jordan Zadunyaski

MCHS Grade 12 Star Athletes

3 Star Athletes
Shayla Kachnic
4 Star Athletes
Suzanne VanBrabant

5 Star Athletes
Larissa VanBrabant

Howls Champion Awards
Presented to the students athletes who best demonstrate the qualities of; honour in sport (integrity and sportsmanship, commitment & dedication)

Grade 9
Jenna McKinney, Laura Stalzer, Brooke Froment, Alicia Diberardino, Alicia Brost, Evan Kohut, Ethan Lessard, Andrew Seguin, Dylan VanLersberghe, Chris Ogie

Grade 10
Eric Casavant, Bryn Karch, Nathan Critchley, Amy Van Brabant, Kendra Rivard
Grade 11
Chantelle Morin, Evan Hills

Grade 12
Shayla Kachnic, Ben Onyschuk, Kyle Ozipko

Coaches Choice Award

Female Coaches Choice
Nominees were Shayla Kachnic, Susanne VanBrabant, Larissa Vanbrabant, and Jordan Zadunyaski. Larissa Van Brabant was this year’s winner.

Male Coaches Choice
Nominees were Aiden Cornell, Craig Seguin, and Chris Ogie. This year’s winner was Craig Seguin

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