Column: Joe Morinville

Been two weeks in a row now that I’ve got an email from the owner of this rag asking me to get my thoughts together on account of he’s going to need them for the paper. I told him he’d have to pay me double on account of it being Seniors’ Week when he asked me to write this, and I didn’t want to interrupt the festivities.

Seniors’ Week
I went and got my free library card last week on account of the Magnificent Seven decided to agree to pay for them once again. They told me at the library desk I ought to thank my favourite councillor. I get a chuckle out of how the Town always says Council is sponsoring the free library cards when all they are doing is using seniors’ [and other] tax dollars to pay for them. But it is good to be able to read my westerns completely for free. Now if the Magnificent Seven could see their way clear to fully fund the library next year, maybe I could go back to getting my westerns for the week on Mondays like I used to.

Some great ones gone on
I keep hearing from folks about how this year has been a bad year for famous musicians dying, and I suppose there’s been quite a few what’s passed on. But the last couple of weeks have been hard on some famous sports people. Cassius Clay, and that’s what he was called when I first seen him, was a great boxer and was always pretty funny to watch before and after a fight in interviews. Wasn’t a fan of his politics early on, but he sure was a fine pugilist (Bet none of you figured I’d know a big word like that). And Mr. Hockey himself, Gordie Howe, is another one gone on. Sure did love to watch him play for the Red Wings back when the NHL had six teams. Imagine them two are up there in some sports lounge swapping great sports stories with Babe Ruth and some of the other sports greats.

Festival Thanks
Someone told me that the Festival Society folks thanked me on the Facebook last week for what I said about their St. Jean Baptiste Festival. I’m not going on the Facebook anymore, but I did want to thank you all for recognizing the wisdom in what I said.

For those of you what missed last week, I said: “Go enjoy the festival and thank the ones what put it on.” It starts in nine days from the date of this newspaper.

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