Council moves ahead with new Subdivision Authority Bylaw

by Tristan Turner

In a unanimous decision with limited debate, Council has passed Second and Third Reading of a new Subdivision Authority Bylaw. The changes in the Bylaw are intended to simplify and expedite subdivision extensions, according to Morinville’s Director of Planning and Development, Greg Hofmann, who spoke on behalf of administration in favour of the Bylaw.

The Bylaw makes changes to the extension of timelines on developing properties, making the Subdivision Authority, including Hofmann, responsible for approving or disapproving extensions. Town Council is currently responsible for voting on these extensions, something that is unusual in nearby communities, according to a survey of other municipalities conducted by Hofmann.

During the passing of First Reading, Councillor Gord Putnam was concerned about applicants potentially having their applications reject without the capacity to appeal to Council or another board on a final arbitration. This concern prompted Hoffman to change the Bylaw for their vote on second and third reading to include a provision that allowed the Subdivision Authority to refer these applications to Council for decision, if any serious disputes or controversy springs up.

Putnam felt that the modified document satisfied his concerns, and the legislation swiftly passed Second and Third Reading.

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