Westmor expands storage capacity

by Lucie Roy

Some finishing touches were put on two new grain storage bins at Westmor Grain Terminal June 13. Manager Fred Redhead said the bins were completed about three weeks ago and have a combined capacity of 14400 tonnes or 530,000 bushels.

“[It] will be nice now [to] have more storage for local producers,” Redhead said.

On June 13, workers were constructing the catwalk and conveyor on top of the two new grain storage bins, and also installing the spout to go into the bin. Redhead said all the work should be completed for Aug. 1 in time for harvest season.

Helping in the installation of the catwalk, conveyor and spout to the 100-foot tall bins were a 130-tonne crane fully extendable to 150-feet.

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