Library gets funding to stay open Mondays over the summer

by Tristan Turner

Morinville Council has passed a motion to provide the library with a $4,500 one-time grant to provide support to open the library on Mondays throughout the remaining summer months. The library was forced to shut their doors Mondays after Council cut the proposed library budget increase of $103,000 by $30,000 during the previous budget process.

Councillor Stephen Dafoe made the motion, offering Council three options to come up with the $4500 in cash: Make a personal donation of half of the per diems earned at the recent FCM Conference, take part in a Jail and Bail event during the upcoming SJB Festival, or have administration ‘find money’ in the existing budget.

Councillor Brennan FitzGerald snarkily commented that he’d always supported the library being open seven days per week.

Council unanimously supported the Town-funded option.

Another unanimous motion, also offered by Councillor Dafoe, requested that Council should bring forward Sturgeon County’s “historically inadequate” funding of the Morinville Public Library to the Intermunicipal Affairs Committee. The County currently only directly supports the library at about $3,500 per year for charging the County the same membership rate as Morinville residents.

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  1. Yay! My daughter is almost 9 months and I want to start bringing her this summer. She loves books!=)

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